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ORV/ATV/Golf Cart Policies

If you have any questions regarding these policies please call. 

We do allow ORV/ATV/OFF Road Bikes to be brought to our park. We have a trail that will lead you out of our park to get to the many trails in the area. They ARE NOT TO BE USED AS YOUR PRIMARY VEHICLE IN THE PARK. We do not allow ATVs to be driven in the park for any reason. ATVs must drive 5 MPH anywhere on park property. We DO NOT allow Golf Carts in any capacity. Visitors of registered guests are not permitted to come on park property with any ORV, ATV, Motorcross/Off Road Bike street legal or not. No exceptions. Should this occur, not only will the Visitor be dismissed from the Park but also the registered guest. Any of the above mentioned vehicles must return to the park prior to the sun going down. This changes as the camping season goes on. It is the responsibility of the owners of such vehicles to know when the sun will set. Absolutely, positively, do not drive on any of the common areas of the park. Back