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Visitor of Registered Guest Policies

If you have any questions regarding these policies please call.

All Visitors of Registered Guests must stop at the registration building upon arrival. For Visitors of Registered Guests. there is a fee for each adult of $5.00; each child under the age of 18 is $3.00. All Visitors must arrive prior to 8pm and must depart by 10pm. No more than 8 persons at any site at one time which includes all Registered Guests and their Visitors. No Visitor pets allowed in the park. (NO EXCEPTIONS) Visitor vehicles are not permitted to be on any part of the road or on a nearby site. Visitors are welcome to park at the registration building. Registered Guests of the park are ultimately responsible for their Visitors. All policies apply to Visitors. Visitors of Registered Guests of the Park are not able to come onto the park in any ATV, ORV, OR ANY OTHER OFF-ROAD VEHICLE OF ANY TYPE. THIS INCLUDED ANY MOTORCYCLES WITH KNOBBY TIRES REGARDLESS IF THEY ARE “STREET LEGAL”