What do we have to offer?

Heated Pool - Memorial Weekend to Labor Day


We keep our pool warm even when the days may be cooler. We keep the pool clean and warm at 80 degrees. It is open between 10am to 8pm.


We have the equivalent of a half court basketball area where you can brush up on your skills. You can test yourself with the “Around The World” steps. See if you can go all the way back and forth without missing 2X. (you may be there awhile) :-)


We have 2 Pickleball Courts where you can get your game on. Don’t know how to play, no problem, just ask and we will be happy to show you in just 5 minutes. Think you are too old, to young, not in shape enough? Wrong! Great game that anyone of any age or skill level can play and have a great time.


We currently have two sets of Cornhole that are free to use by our big Red Barn. Great fun for everyone.

Nature Trail

Like to get out and be with Nature? We have the perfect trail for you. It is approximately 1.7 miles long and weaves through our property adjacent to the campground. Get out there at sunrise and you might see a Deer or Turkey. Later in the season, watch all the natural fern start to turn the bright reds and oranges. Maybe pick a raspberry or blackberry along the way.

Star Gazing

Take in a clear summer night and be completely blown away by the Milky Way. (not the candy bar) We have very little light around the park at night for this very reason. The amount of stars and the brilliance of them will literally put things into perspective. We are so grateful every time we get to see this wonderful show. Want to view the meteor showers? Book now and be amazed.

Bring your imagination

Do you remember the games you used to play as a child? They were not connected to a phone or TV. It was outside using the very basic of items. Do any of these ring a bell? Kick the Can? Hide and Seek? Kickball? Red Light/Green Light Marbles Kite Flying Hop Scotch Capture the Flag I am sure you are thinking of even more. Why not come out and play? We have many other outdoor games that are free to use.
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