1. Why did you become a KOA? A. After researching and looking at all the ways we could grow our campground, KOA ended up being the best fit. 2. How is the campground going to change now that you are a KOA? A. There are only going to be improvements to the park. We are adding more amenities to match what KOA offers at other parks. Such as a fenced dog run, upgraded laundry facilities, and online reservations. 3. KOA is known for small cramped campsites, are you changing the size of your campsites? A. No, not at all. Our sites will remain the same…..for now. We are planning some upgrades in the near future. 4. Why did your rates increase, was this due to being a KOA? A. Our rate increase was due to the constant rise in expenses. We have not raised our rates for 5 years. Yet, all of our expenses have increased across the board. This increase will also allow for us to continue to improve the park for you. To provide more and better amenities. 5. Will you be accepting the KOA Value Card? A. Yes, we will be providing the 10% discount to all KOA Value Card Holders. 6. I have read reviews where your park is very strict, is this true? A. Yes! We have our policies for a reason….to give all guests the same experience. A place to camp where it is clean, quiet, and safe. 7. Do you really enforce your speed limit in the park? Most parks just use the speed limit as a guideline. A. Our park speed limit is 100% enforced. This is for the safety of our campers as well as keeping the dust down. 8. When can we check in? A. You can check in at 1pm. If you would like to arrive earlier, call us the day of your arrival so we can check to see if your site is occupied. If not, we can allow you to arrive earlier for a small fee. 9. How long can we stay on the day of our departure? A. The departure time is 11am. This gives us enough time to get the site ready for the next guest to that site. If you would like a late checkout, please contact us the night before so we can see if there is another guest arriving on your site. If not, we can allow you to stay longer for a small fee. 10. I read that I have to arrive prior to 8pm, why? A. The number one reason is safety. Our park is very dark and we do not want any damages to your RV or to our park. We also do not want to disturb the other campers that are enjoying their evening. 11. Do you allow ATV’s or Side by Sides? A. We allow them to be driven out of the park via a separate trail in the back of the park. We do not allow these vehicles to be driven around the park or on our roads. It does not matter if they are street legal. Same goes for off-road motorcycles. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us prior to making your reservation at 231-535-0461. 12. Do you allow Golf Carts? A. We do not. Not even street legal. 13. Can I pick specific site? A. Absolutely, and if it is available, it is yours. 14. I am noticing that there are some RV Resorts and Campgrounds that are adjusting the rates depending on availability or by when we book our dates. Do you do this? A. This is a trend that nearly all RV/Campground software companies are going to. This is being pushed by nearly every RV/Campground consultant out there. We are currently not implementing this rate structure. Be advised, this is happening everywhere. They are working to make the campground industry more like the hotel/B&B/Airlines industries. 15. Do you charge for visitors? A. Yes, we charge $5.00 per Adult and $3.00 per child. 16. This is highway robbery, why do you do this? A. We do this to help maintain our very clean and nice park. Another way to look at this is; where can you go for 3-5 dollars for the entire day for entertainment? As a guest, they are welcome to enjoy all the benefits as you the guest. 17. Do you offer day passes if we just want to swim in your pool, take a shower, or just hang out for the day? A. No, our facilities are for our guests, and their visitors only. If you have any other questions or concerns that are not addressed in this FAQ, please give us a call at 231-535-0461 or send us an email at antrim@koa.com .
3060 Mancelona Road, Mancelona, MI 49659
231-535-0461 - antrim@koa.com
Antrim / Jordan River Valley KOA